"Even Stephen: Against All Odds" coming to a theater near you Summer 2043
  1. "She was just another notch on his bedpost, but he didn't own a bed and posssssed no fine motor skills"
  2. "It Was Just One Kiss It Couldn't Have Been That Bad"
  3. "Murder Is Easy, It's The Staying Dead Part That's Hard!"
  4. "This Movie....Is Bad"
  5. "Gettin' his log on"
  6. "He lived, he laughed, he loved masturbating to Boomerangs of girls cheersing tropical drinks in their bikinis"
  7. "Love. Is. Blind."
  8. "Broken Home Alone"
  9. "C-A-D-Why me, God, why?"
  10. "Cry Hard"
  11. "Assisted suicide shouldn't be illegal if there is informed consent and good procedural safeguards"
  12. "What The Hell Is On Joey's Head"