Inspired by an interaction I had with a J. Crew customer service representative.
  1. Mirror Texting
    If they take 24 minutes and 37 seconds to text back, you will wait 24 minutes and 37 seconds to text back
  2. Bubble Lag
    You're both talking about something really deep. The person on the other end is writing so much that there is a lag time between the text bubbles disappearing and their little novella showing up.
  3. Disappearing Bubbles
    You're about to say something, but it's too risky so you abort.
  4. Interrupting Bubbles (Shy)
    You both start typing at the same time, and once you see that the other person is typing, you both stop and wait until eternity for the other person to text first.
  5. Interrupting Bubbles (Bold)
    Same as above, but once you both see the other person has stopped texting, you start again. Then both stop again. The process repeats for an uncomfortable amount of time.
  6. Interrupting Bubbles (Very Bold)
    You're so excited about responding that you don't care if the other person is typing too and you both end up sending each other non sequiturs.