1. "Kiss From A Rose" | Seal
    We're all pretending like we're not thinking about open mouth kissing each other
  2. "Come Away With Me" | Norah Jones
    Perfect, Norah Jones came on next & now we all have to act like we're not considering locking the doors & having group sex in the stock room
  3. "Ironic" | Alanis Morissette
    Incredible, "Ironic" is playing & now we're all leaving our boyfriends, studying abroad to find ourselves, and getting matching tattoos
  4. "Sweet Thing" | Van Morrison
    When we get back from studying abroad, we're all going on a date together and slow dancing while we're wine drunk. We're all going to get caught up in the moment and fuck each other like it's our first time
  5. "Thank You" | Dido
    Oh wow, we've all decided to give our ex boyfriend another chance. Things were actually pretty good and we know that now. We're finally ready to settle down and commit to something ~real~
  6. "Crazy" | Seal
    NO FUCK IT we are NOT settling into middle age suburban mediocrity. We are going to FUCK, we are going to DANCE, we are going to get CRAZY. It's over David!!! YOU CANT CAGE THIS BIRD. Put down your coffee. Stop studying. Lets take some molly and go down on each other. Also, wow this coffee shop loves Seal
  7. "All Star" | Smash Mouth
    Oh shit is it already 8 o'clock? We need to get home and go to the grocery store. Ugh at least it's a short week because of the holiday. New Years actually wasn't terrible this year, but dammit we really need to study some more. I guess we could go to the grocery store, shower, and then study a little more before bed. Jesus it's hot in here though