Home Alone (1991) is a beloved Christmas classic adored by adults and children alike. With many instantly-quotable and unforgettable lines, here are the top ten best from this modern holiday classic.
  1. "Merry Christmas, you filthy animal!"
  2. "Mary Christmass, you filthy animal"
  3. "Many christmans u filthy arimals"
  4. "Manny crickets u flimsy axamalls"
  5. "Mimpy chrikmants yu frillne amals!!"
  6. "Kevin did 9/11!"
  7. "Mooma cris masuoupy mimals;"
  8. "Kshudbs hshsshkk msysvs"
  9. "Crixmas, filmers!"
  10. "👴🏻🔫🎅🏻🙇🏻"