Things You Can Be And Still Be Alright

man oh man oh man oh man
  1. Unemployed
    The world needs plenty of bartenders, even if just until you find something better
  2. Ugly
    everyone is hot to someone
  3. Sad
    you'll feel better, and damn look how insightful you are in the meantime
  4. Sexually frustrated
    give it time, someone will cave and let you make kiss to their body eventually
  5. Nostalgic
    you can always live in the moment in the next moment
  6. Petty and Mean
    it happens. reset and just try to be better
  7. Needy
    Attention is nice, you can be cool later
  8. Indecisive
    Eventually you'll have to choose, but you can think for a minute
  9. A drowned, dead rat stuck in a drain pipe
    We'll all float on, alright