Everyone thinks @chriscady is a really great guy, but in reality he's an abusive, manipulative, and poisoned-spirited individual.
  1. Attempted Homicide, ~12 years old.
    He came up to me when I was gargling mouth wash and slapped me as hard as he could on the back. I swallowed the liquid (which is poisonous in large quantities). He has always wanted me to die.
  2. Attempted Homicide, ~13 years old.
    Chris threw a very sharp rock directly at my head, slicing my forehead open and requiring immediate medical attention. He thought it was funny.
  3. Battery, ~11 years old.
    Threw a spoon at my lip from across the kitchen because I took the last caramel-flavored drumstick ice cream. He was proud that he split my lip open.
  4. Battery, Cannibalism, ~14 years old.
    Bit my arm because he got mad during a game of football while still in braces. Left a scar. He's a disgusting person.