Thank you for the trip down memory lane @TQ. I know this is more than ten, sorry I just felt I needed to explain some of this insane stuff haha
  1. I used to actively tweet from another account on Twitter called @kingofthebabes
  2. It was a dumb hobby and not even close to popular or anything but it was a character I thought up that for some reason made me laugh to tweet from.
    The character is basically a 12 year old misogynist who is very unintelligent.
  3. His only interests are "cool cars," and "babes," and "making kiss" (which I'm sure he doesn't even know what that is)
    Yes, this is where the term "'make kiss" originated
  4. he cannot spell and is an absolutely ignorant person—like most 12 year olds.
  5. He is really cruel to his friends
  6. Static
    notice that he does not cuss though
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  11. Sometimes he sincerely tries to say something intelligent or thoughtful and it never works out
  12. Static
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    notice he believes he's twitter famous as well
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  15. One time he got in a car crash in his whip and thought he was dying
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  18. The account has a very surreal tone. Like who the hell is this kid?
  19. Static
  20. idk I have nothing better to do with my time