While horror movies and shows try tirelessly to scare the shit out of you, sometimes the most horrifying experiences in your life come from things that aren't even intentionally frightening at all.
  1. The "Pirates of the Caribbean" Ride at Disney World.
    When I was a child, my grandparents would take me to Disney World every summer. And every time we went, I remember being creeped the fuck out by this ride. Whether it's the terrifyingly life-like animatronic pirates; the dark, ominous water you ride on (what the hell would you do if you fell out of the boat! What's under the water!!); or the seemingly endless cavern the ride takes place in, getting stuck on that ride after hours is the stuff of nightmares.
  2. Every Episode of "Unsolved Mysteries" Ever.
    Those scary, grainy reenactments. The black and white pictures of abducted children. The fact that these are REAL FUCKING MURDERERS AND RAPISTS ON THE LOOSE. "Please call our hotline if you have any tips on the whereabouts of little Lacy Green." Fuck. That.
  3. The "Ripley's Believe It or Not" Museum in Key West, Florida.
    Again with the life-like animatronics and wax figures. Not to mention tight, isolated corners of stories of freaks and insane people. But the real terror comes from the holographic "Ripley" himself, who talks directly to you from his pitch-black office as you pass by. Kill me and toss me in a river before tying me up and putting me in that room alone.
  4. The Reoccurring Dream I Had as a Child of an Evil, Speechless Chuckie Finster from "The Rugrats."
    Yes, the sweet redhead child from the children's show. The dream was always the same: Chuckie would aggressively grab me by the arm in my bedroom and would lock me in my mom's bathroom with the lights off. If I tried to leave, he would grab my arm even harder and pull me back in. Oh and he never said a fucking word. Just stared at me with a blank, expressionless face.
  5. The One Time My Grandma Put a Fully-dressed Male Mannequin in Her Basement and Told Me to Go Downstairs and Get Her Laundry.
    The lights were out. By the time I got halfway down the stairs, all I could see was his lower torso. Shit's fucked up. Thanks nama.
  6. That Scene in "Young Sherlock Holmes" (1985) Where Desserts Force-feed Themselves Into Watson's Mouth.
    Yeah you read that right. There's a scene in what is more or less a KID'S MOVIE where one of the characters is tied down in a graveyard and various desserts come to life and try to force themselves into the character's mouth. It made me want to die. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-SZrHgS1Dss
  7. Some "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" episode where an old woman is trapped behind a brick wall or something?
    I dunno, but it was terrifying and It's been haunting my dreams ever since.
  8. That part in one of the X Men movies where that guy basically turns into a water-like material