No daddy jokes here
  1. Love Steely Dan
  2. My running shoes pair perfectly with my jeans
    Yes they look like shit but whatever
  3. Love to talk about how accurate Mad Men is to the time period
    But without any of the first-hand experience to back it up
  4. I am a deeply flawed human being
  5. Have no idea what kind of music you kids love but dammit am I trying to figure it out
  6. Am very comfortable crossing my legs with a glass of wine on the deck
    Feels so natural baby
  7. Romanced by the idea of sitting alone in a bar
  8. Am trying to cultivate an air of mystery and failing miserably
  9. Think sunglasses can hide my imperfections
  10. Will most likely fuck my kids up
    but just emotionally
  11. Get scared when my cellphone rings
  12. Have thought about the legacy I am leaving behind and am not impressed
  13. Can stare at incredible natural wonders and still somehow manage to see them only as how they relate to my own existence
    and my previous marriages
  14. Have erroneously thought I found God on a road trip
  15. getting better with time
  16. Have a pair of water shoes
  17. Know just enough about just enough to fake it
  18. Will always love your mother