This is my last semester of my last year of law school and I'm feeling nostalgic. Here are some unsolicited thoughts. If you're curious, read on!
  1. Every girl with a Lilly Pulitzer planner thinks she's Elle Woods
  2. Every soft-spoken, "complicated" dude thinks he's Atticus Finch.
    I'm more of an Elle Woods type, just fyi.
  3. In reality, we're all the fucking Lincoln Lawyer
  4. Law school uses the "Socratic Method" of teaching, meaning you get "cold-called" by your teachers.
    They can be really mean. It's scary as hell the first year and then you just stop caring about looking like an idiot your next two years
  5. "Gunners" are a term for students who are constantly raising their hand in class (despite the Socratic method of teaching)
    people hate gunners.
  6. There are Super Bowl level watch parties for any law-related current event that's televised
    When the Ferguson, MO grand jury decision was handed down, all of us were gathered around a tv somewhere. It's really lame.
  7. As soon as after the very first day of your first year, plenty of your classmates will think they are the leading expert on any law related question.
    It's hilarious but also super annoying.
  8. The law-related puns for any recreational sports team are endless.
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Tortles, Bros v. Wade, The Lost Profits, The Lengthy Dictums, etc.
  9. Most law-related movies/shows are completely unrealistic
    "A Few Good Men" and "The Paper Chase" are the most accurate.
  10. Law school is three years long and there is an old adage that goes "the 1st year they scare you to death, the 2nd year they work you to death, and the 3rd year they bore you to death"
    It's frighteningly accurate
  11. In most law schools, everyone takes the same classes your 1L year (first year)
    It's actually a really cool bonding experience. Misery loves company. It's also the most important year, grade-wise and will more or less determine your class rank for the rest of law school.
  12. It's like high school all over again
    With class sizes being relatively low, everyone knows everyone else. There is always gossip and drama happening.
  13. People really do things like steal books and send you notes with information missing and try to fuck you over
    We had a student in our class rip out pages from a shared library book so no one else could use it to study. He's not very well-liked now.
  14. There is a law school sponsored social event almost ever weekend and they're all basically an open bar
    Your future attorney is probably black-out drunk, making out with your friend's future attorney, while your other friend's future attorney does a keg stand in the corner.
  15. There are student-made course outlines from past students that are basically famous
    "Oh shit you have the AJ outline." Using outlines is how you study for exams.
  16. For most classes, your entire grade is based on one final.
    so good luck.
  17. The biggest misconception about law school is how hard it is.
    It's not easy by any means, but it's mostly just a lot of work, reading, writing, studying.
  18. Exam times range anywhere from 2 hours with word limits, to 8 hours with no word limits.
    I've had both and they're equally brutal for different reasons.
  19. Every year, we have a "Barrister's Ball" and it's like law school prom
    People take it really seriously.
  20. You will read hundreds if not thousands of cases during your three years
    You will learn to find the humor in the murder cases. You will never forget "Pennoyer v. Neff" or "Hawkins v. McGee."
  21. You will get drunk with at least one professor during your three years. It will be memorable.
    Mine was my Business Organizations professor. Saw him out on his birthday. Proceeded to take fireball shots and drink with him for the rest of the night.
  22. Other members of #ListAppLegal, please let me know if there is anything I missed!
  23. EDIT: just saw this list WHAT LAW SCHOOL IS LIKE (via @Alex) and I think that's also a great resource for info.