this won't be a popular list but will help with my street cred maybe or destroy it its late here we go
  1. Honestly "I will possess your heart" is an incredible song
    The 8 minute running time is worth it—it just creates a mood. You could meditate off of that bass rhythm.
  2. "Bixby canyon bridge" is one of the best album-opening tracks ever
    And when it dissolves into static in the end and gives way to "I will posses your heart"? Incredible
  3. "Cath" is one of their catchiest songs ever
    I love this song. Like a lot.
  4. "Grapevine Fires" is super poetic and paints such a literary scene
  5. Everything else on the album is pretty catchy??
  6. idk this album just hits hard for me. A lot of good songs, but I think it's ultimately their darkest and most serious album,
    And I'm always trying to excise all the demons from my soul, so this helps with that.