Budweiser, how could you?
  1. A mango lassi and a frat party had a baby
  2. A Yankee Candle
  3. Pinkberry burps
  4. Pre-prepared ambrosia studded with birth control pills
  5. Beer that has been gargled by a parrot
  6. A lionfish in a blender with a fruit leather
  7. Laffy Taffy dropped into Smirnoff Ice
  8. Beer pong played with toilet water from an irregularly-used library
  9. Mr. Sketch markers confused for dildos
  10. Fruit Stripe gum-flavored sour cream on a fish taco
  11. A Naked juice left in the sun all day
  12. The floor of the subway when someone spills a Mangorita on it
  13. Old cough drops and Inca Golden Kola
  14. Cepacol in a piña colada
  15. A slice of Hawaiian pizza eaten while in a sauna
  16. Aloe
  17. Going down on Ms. Hawaiian Tropics 2013
  18. The waste product of the churro-making process
  19. An adrenaline shot of Malibu rum
  20. Cameron Diaz beach sweat