Prince is many splendored thing
  1. Prince is stunned by his own beauty and the hypnotized by the waves through his glorious locks.
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  2. Prince is ready for whatever you got because he woke up like this and you had better recognize because Prince don't play.
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  3. Prince is tired of the man and all his shit.
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  4. Prince is intrigued by what you are saying but is going to let you finish.
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  5. Prince is not pleased with your level of response to him playing Purple Rain in the FUCKING PURPLE RAIN. Come on people!
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  6. Prince is stressed way out and could really use a day to just Netflix and Chill.
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  7. Prince is a master of the dark art of wizardry and is not to be tested. Understand?
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  8. Prince is focused on the task at hand. Naturally.
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  9. Prince is mortified by what he sees in today's education system and by the systemic failures inherent in common core and what it means for the children.
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  10. Prince is not concerned. Two tears in a bucket suck it.
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  11. Prince is wanting to know "What's good in the hood homie?"
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  12. Prince is aware that you think he's sexy but enough is enough. He's just trying to enjoy a shirtless afternoon.
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  13. Prince is confused by The Bastard Executioner.
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  14. Prince is cooking up something real nice for you.
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  15. Prince is worried we left something on. The oven maybe? We were rushing to get to the show on time.
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