Prince Is

Prince is many splendored thing
  1. Prince is stunned by his own beauty and the hypnotized by the waves through his glorious locks.
  2. Prince is ready for whatever you got because he woke up like this and you had better recognize because Prince don't play.
  3. Prince is tired of the man and all his shit.
  4. Prince is intrigued by what you are saying but is going to let you finish.
  5. Prince is not pleased with your level of response to him playing Purple Rain in the FUCKING PURPLE RAIN. Come on people!
  6. Prince is stressed way out and could really use a day to just Netflix and Chill.
  7. Prince is a master of the dark art of wizardry and is not to be tested. Understand?
  8. Prince is focused on the task at hand. Naturally.
  9. Prince is mortified by what he sees in today's education system and by the systemic failures inherent in common core and what it means for the children.
  10. Prince is not concerned. Two tears in a bucket suck it.
  11. Prince is wanting to know "What's good in the hood homie?"
  12. Prince is aware that you think he's sexy but enough is enough. He's just trying to enjoy a shirtless afternoon.
  13. Prince is confused by The Bastard Executioner.
  14. Prince is cooking up something real nice for you.
  15. Prince is worried we left something on. The oven maybe? We were rushing to get to the show on time.