When we grow up we always love when we share names with our heroes and it's very possibly why we gravitate towards them. Here are a couple of the men that I was proud to share a name with as I grew up.
  1. Steve Yzerman
    Stevie Y shaped not only my childhood, but any young fan of the Red Wings who was fortunate enough to grow up during our late 90's dynasty. Watching him hoist the cup was awe inspiring and made me, a fellow Steve, dream the impossible dream. The Captain was a model athlete and human being that lived his life the same way he played the game, with integrity and poise. Truly a wonderful Steve.
  2. Steve Martin
    My parents raised me on Saturday Night Live, and although he was never a cast member we cannot deny the lasting impact that he made on the program. Any time I'd hear he was hosting I would spend all week begging my parents to let me stay up to watch, occasionally being successful. No one matches his comedic genius and it wasn't until I started doing stand up comedy that I started to grasp all that he has done for the craft. Hall of Fame Steve, if not the president of the foundation.
  3. Steven Spielberg
    We all grew up watching, and subsequently freaking out to, his movies. He invited us into so many different worlds and kept is on our toes constantly. When I was young I wanted to be Indian Jones, I wanted to visit Jurassic Park, hell I even wanted to run away and be one of the lost boys from Hook. To this day he is still my favorite director and is the only person I turn a blind eye to remakes and perpetuating sequels. One hell of Steve(n) and I'm damn proud to share a name with him.