Little things that happened that reminded me I live in New York City.

For context I lived in California most of my life. I lived in the LES of Manhattan in New York for 14 months from 2013-2014.
  1. Got yelled at a pizza and a bagel place for not knowing exactly what I wanted as soon as I got up to the counter.
  2. Answering a million questions about why I left California for New York.
  3. Walked into Saks Fifth Ave and saw a men's tie for sale for $2000
  4. Asking for sourdough bread and having the guy at the counter have no idea what I was talking about.
  5. Asking for avocado on anything.
  6. Finding out how amazing russian dressing is on sandwiches, particularly with rye bread.
  7. Getting way too much chopped lettuce on my sandwich pretty much everywhere.
  8. Still Shopping while waiting in the checkout lines at Trader Shoes.
    Google Image it.
  9. Learning to carry cash because most bars have a minimum credit card limit.
  10. Paying $8 for the smaller box of cheerios.
    Always buy the store brand.
  11. Always having $1 to buy a coffee at the stands in the morning.