1. Anyone who takes a selfie in front of the mirrors.
    This is pretty obvious
  2. Anyone who does more than 6 sets of any one exercise.
    Really should be more like 5
  3. Anyone who uses two machines at once.
    Please stop
  4. Anyone who farts in a high foot traffic area.
    Seriously go to the corner or the bathroom like a normal person.
  5. The guy whose shirt might as well be a big ass thong.
    I get it you're buff.
  6. The staff at the front that try to convince me i'm getting the deal of a lifetime at $3.50 a bottle for gatorade.
  7. Anyone who grunts loud enough so the whole gym can hear.
  8. Anyone who brings in a gallon size of water.
  9. Anyone who brings in their cup of Starbucks.
  10. The men who dry their balls with the hand dryer.
  11. Anyone who doesn't wipe the machine after their sweaty ass back and head was just on there.
    Fuck you.
  12. The "how many sets you got left bruh?" Guy
  13. Anyone who makes fun of the people who are coming in as their new years resolution.
    Leave them be.
  14. Anyone who uses a dumbbell as a shake weight.