1. Prog rock
    Not to make, just to listen to
  2. Magnets
    Only the negative side so they don't stick together
  3. Jean shorts
  4. Gardening
    Maybe tulips. Or like carrots.
  5. Putting a lot of effort into a healthy, monogamous relationship
    They could even garden together
  6. Planning the perfect proposal
    Hiring a photographer, maybe planning a flash dance or something, Idk I'm just spitballing here
  7. Giving his fiancé her dream wedding
    Dancing, drinks, fancy foods
  8. Having a fun, bonding honeymoon
    Paris, anyone?
  9. Listening to his wife's problems and asking about her day at work
    At the dinner table
  10. Buying one of those 20,000 names for baby books
    Adam, Alex, Alexander...
  11. Finding a new definition of love with the birth of his firstborn child
  12. Having more children, growing closer as a family each time
  13. Watching his offspring grow older and mature
  14. Becoming a proud father
  15. Learning that his wife is sick
  16. Staying by her side in the hospital everyday, only leaving to bathe and feed himself
  17. Becoming broken that the love of his life passed away
  18. Returning to his empty house as an old, broken man
  19. Living with no purpose until he finds a balloon cart in the park
  20. Tying the entire stock of the balloon man's balloons to the frame of his house while he embarks on an adventure through the skies where he finally finds peace and patiently waits for death's friendly call