1. Baby June
  2. Benevolent Jew
  3. Big Jim
  4. Boi Jiorge
    Just because I'd love to hear him try to explain and then defend the spelling.
  5. Benin Jerry
    (See "Boi Jiorge")
  6. Barnaby Jones
    Two great names and an underrated procedural.
  7. Bartles n James
    (Ok the "n" is fudging)
  8. Barret Jackman
    (St. Louis Blues fans only)
  9. Billy Joel
    (Pre "Glass Houses")
  10. Bob James
    (Theme song to "Taxi" fans only)
  11. Bill James
    (One for the sabermetricians)
  12. Betty Joan
    (Wierdly specific Mad Men fans only)
  13. Black Jack
    Because come on "Black Jack Novak"?!?