My top 20 Office characters

I've been watching some Office episodes on Netflix. I was loyal for the first half of the series' run, but felt it tapered off a bit in the back nine. Here's my top 20 favorite characters, omitting James Spader, Kathy Bates and Gavin.
  1. Creed
    I wish Creed's Thoughts was still a thing
  2. Packer
    Mostly cameos, but wish he was a regular character
  3. Andy
  4. Jan
    The story arc of Jan is incredibly underrated
  5. Darryl
  6. Kevin
  7. Dwight
    I think we've all worked with a Dwight
  8. Kelly
    Got better with increased screen time
  9. Angela
  10. Michael
    Painful in season 1, but obvious star of the show
  11. Jim
    Really slowed down once he landed Pam
  12. Ryan
    Another great, subtle story arc
  13. Toby
  14. Karen
    Jim made a mistake
  15. Stanley
  16. Meredith
  17. Pam
    Casualty to boring storyline of relationship with Jim
  18. Phyllis
  19. Oscar
  20. Roy