People I've been told I look like

Not sure if these quite qualify as doppelgängers, but these are some celebrities I've been told I look like - for better or worse.
  1. Jason Priestley
    I got this a few times in the 90s during his heyday. Handsome guy. I'll take it.
  2. Blair Walsh
    Most recent one, correlating with fantasy football season. He's a kicker, and he's most recently known for missing that kick. And his name is Blair.
  3. Paul Ryan
    No comment
  4. My Buddy Doll
    The inspiration for my first nickname of Buddy.
  5. Ryan Lochte
    This is where this list takes a turn for the worst. This dude is an ass clown.
  6. Johnny Manziel
    You thought it couldn't get worse than Lochte, but I've probably been told I look like Johnny Fucking Football more than anyone. I would've been fine with my likeness ending with the doll if it meant I wasn't going to resemble this guy for so many people.