It's a 2012 Oak Knoll District Cab Franc, from Trefethen Family Vineyards. I am drinking it right now.
  1. It's light bodied
    Sure, maybe not everyone likes light bodied wines. In fact, lots and lots and lots of people love the big, full structure of a tannic Cab Sauv or Syrah. But as a Pinot Noir lover, a light red that trips along my palate is my cup of... well, wine.
  2. It's acidic
    Sharp. Tangy. This would go great with a meal. I should probably eat something.
  3. It smells like pie
    Baking spices and berry fruit. Red berries, in particular. Like the smell of a raspberry pie in the oven. There're other notes on the nose, but I keep coming back for that pie scent. Damn!
  4. The winery was hit hard by the 2014 Napa quake, but they aren't giving up
    Not even close. The people at Trefethen can't welcome you into their historic quake-damaged main building, until it's fixed. But they will still welcome you in and treat you like family. Good eggs, the lot of them.
  5. I'm probably going to drink the whole goddamned bottle
    So, yeah, I should probably eat something.