I shall edit this as I get more ideas. And, oh, I'll definitely get more ideas. Shouts to @aqk for the list idea.
  1. Those looks you get in Langdell when you're just trying to take a piss / refill your water bottle.
    The look like "Hey. Look. I'm studying. Can't you see that? How dare you... walk. You're not being productive when you're walking."
  2. The Hark's defective credit card reader.
    Not only this, but also people's reactions to it.
  3. The weather.
    This one's almost too easy. One underrated aspect: it always seems to be amazing weather whenever I'm *not* in Cambridge. So... it's not always bad. Just when I'm around.
  4. Having my Facebook bombarded by one thousand literally identical posts on any day that could be seen as holding even the slightest significance (first last day of school, last exam, etc).
    shut the f up you're not special
    Suggested by @aqk
  5. Those seats in Austin Hall.
    They just weren't comfortable. In the slightest. On the other hand, I actually will miss the lumbar support of the ol' Black Monolith chairs of WCC / Langdell.
  6. News@law emails
    plz tell me these go away
    Suggested by @aqk
  7. Wondering around Hemenway in search of even 1 cubic foot of space in which to stretch or do abs
    Suggested by @aqk