This is all in my own opinion and accept any disagreements and discussion on what your top 5 would be. Nor is this a list to say that any Kanye albums are bad. They are all significant as to when they were released and cultural impact they had. Feel free to leave your opinion or what you would rate as your Top 5. Enjoy,
  1. 5. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - This album ran through from start to end like a masterpiece. Each song took you through a different emotion and highlighted Kanye's vision of art. Album highlight: Chris Rock in Blame Game
  2. 4. Yeezus- Very underrated and I feel no one is still ready or prepared for this album. After listening to this album for two years it's still ahead of the game and completely unique. Some of the claims he makes on this album can be outlandish, but still a joy to listen to. Album highlight: Send It Up
  3. 3. The Life of Pablo - The newest release makes the list. Not because it's the greatest album of all time, but because it may have one of the greatest songs of all time on it. Ultralight Beam is amazing from front to back with assists from The-Dream and Chance the Rapper. Album highlight: Waves & Ultralight Beam
  4. 2. Late Registration - Some of Kanye's best songs lay on this album. I found it wasn't pieced together quite right as the skits slightly broke up the flow of the album. Tracks like Drive Slow and Gone make you wanting to turn it up past 10. Album highlight: Roses
  5. 1. The College Dropout - Hands down his best album. Flows incredibly and hits every box to what you want to listen to. J. Ivy's verse in Never Let Me Down is the best feature on any Kanye song. Ever. Nothing about this album leaves me in question. Pure gold in my mind. Album highlight: Spaceship & "Mayonnaise colour Benz, I push miracle whips."