1. Why McDonalds breakfast ends at 11.
    Do you know how many times I've been on a trip and wanted a breakfast burrito at 11:25?
  2. How no matter how much money I make, I still feel poor.
    Really NYC? Just let me get ahead for once.
  3. How weather forecasting has not improved in my lifetime.
    You really had NO IDEA that it was going to rain today?
  4. Why men can't lift toilet seats in public restrooms.
    Seriously, you can't even lift that lid with your foot?
  5. How even women manage to pee all over toilet seats.
  6. Why people don't automatically say thank you when I hold the door.
    This isn't my effing job. You're welcome, asshole.
  7. Speaking of doors... Is it polite to let someone go first even through a revolving door?
    Every time I do, I feel like I'm making her do all the work pushing while i just stand there like a jerk.