1. It's so fucking awesome.
  2. It's like getting drunk but super fast man.
  3. Like a mix between Mac Demarco on drugs and LSD, being so fucking happy for a few seconds.
  4. Like wanting to sing that fucking shitty song for buttholes called "happy".
  5. Because I'm happy clap along if you feel that happiness is the🎶and then the feeling stops.
  6. So then I go and make another list, like this one. I'm just writing it to feel the same again. That good ol' feel, sonny boy.
  7. So I'm gonna fucking publish it, and if you see that suddenly I stop publishing lists, it's probably because it isn't making me feel the same.
  8. I'll probably keep making them, but not with this happy oh so good feel.
  9. So. I'm gonna publish this shit.