i was going to make this list yesterday, but well today it's april. fuck off. i do what i want. it's about the last month, and last month was february. in no particular order. BTW, THE MOVIES I'M TALKING ABOUT, ALL OF THEM, IT'S THE FIRST TIME I SEE THEM.
  1. Lost in Translation
    oh Sofia Coppola, great movie, i loved it
  2. Clerks
    oh ma silent bob
  3. Office Space
    fuckin loved it
  4. Broken Flowers
    not my favourite by Jarmusch, but pretty good though. and well, Bill Murray is the best actor of the universe.
  5. The King Of Comedy
    underrated movie. by the great Scorsese with the great DeNiro
  6. i'll do another list about march movies i watched. keep calm 200k followers.