Five Movies That Define My Movies/Cinema Taste/The Kind Of Movies I Like/Whatever it is man

in no particular order, mates. and i'm putting an extra movie because yes
  1. ANNIE HALL, Woody Allen
  2. SUBMARINE, Richard Ayoade
    i think Ayoade it's written like this, but i'm not sure. sorry if it isn't like this, Richard. you got a great film.
  3. BIRDMAN (Or The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance), Alejandro G. Iñárritu
  4. THE KING OF COMEDY, Martin Scorsese
    underrated film by mr scorsese, it's really good
  5. HER, Spike Jonze
    arcade fire and karen o, the soundtrack, mr phoenix and ma spikey. fuckin great
  6. CLERKS, Kevin Smith
    a bunch of savages in this town
  7. Honorable Mentions: Coffee And Cigarettes (Jim Jarmusch), Blade Runner/I also love Alien (Ridley Scott), Lost In Translation (Sofia Coppola)
    *when I say "I Also Love Alien" I don't mean I like a movie called "I Also Love Alien", I mean that I love Alien, the movie.