Food I Eat While Watching Series or Movies Lying On My Bed

  1. Pop Corn
    Usually for movies, but also for some long episodes.
  2. Chocolate Rolls
    Full of chocolate. I probably ate a couple bags of this bad boys watching The Night Of.
  3. Chocolate Bars
    When I don't have chocolate rolls or when I don't want to spend money on chocolate rolls and I have chocolate bars at home. But they are not as good as the chocolate rolls. And I don't know how but there's always chocolate bars at home. I don't like the bars I have at home.
  4. Dried Fruits and Nuts
    When I don't have chocolate bars. I'm more into the sugar world, but, you know, sometimes I get tired of sugar.
  5. Water
    Always important when I eat dried fruits, nuts, or stuff like that.