How I Met Willy Strapstont. Part Two.

  1. You're probably wondering how the fuck can I say that Willy Strapstont is my friend. Because, as you remember, he came under my ass while I was taking a shit, then we went down that hole, and I had to eat him.
  2. So, why the fuck is he my friend? I don't even fucking know. I think I'm going insane man. I don't knwo why I just think that mcdonald's burgers are better than strawberries and u know that movie by masterpiece thing bergmanstrgaj asgjfngk.,.&#32828
  3. Hello. It's been a long time since I posted the last thing in the list. After going insane I ate my own hand, then a rat saw me and called the police. They rescued me and sent me to a psychologist to make me feel healthy again. He said that when that happened, it was because I was under the effects of drugs. That I was high.
  4. He said it was the owner's fault. That the was putting perfume all over the place. And that perfume wasn't exactly perfume. And that he was high too, and that's why he kicked me in the head.
  5. I didn't really fell into that hole. There wasn't even a hole. It was just the floor, and there was ketchup and burgers there, it was all a mess. That's what I ate, instead of Willly. He doesn't exist.
  6. But what I really did was to eat my own hand. And I lived there for 12 days. Then someone saw something weird in the store and called the cops.
  7. The end.
  8. Yeah, I know it was very interesting at first, and know the end sucks, but, that's what happened, and sometimes life is like this, man. Sorry.