1. I just fell from the window of my room.
  2. There's probably twenty miles between the window and the ground. Now I'm on the ground.
  3. I thought it would hurt more. It isn't really hurting.
  4. This is just weird. I'm on the ground, I can't get up, and I'm seeing people walking around, looking at me.
  5. I just said hi to someone that was passing by. He's pretending he hasn't seen me, checking his phone. Fucking son of a bitch.
  6. I'm still on the ground. I'm gonna try to get up.
  7. Shit. Now it hurts.
  8. Fuck.
  9. Why the hell did I fell?
  10. Oh yeah, because my cat pushed me.
  11. That fuckin cat.
  12. No one is helping me. Oh and I'm starting to see blood around my body.
  13. Haha I can see the fucking old cat looking at me from the window. You fucking butthole.
  14. For fucking God's sake. I need to fucking get up. It's freezing.
  15. Fucking people. Help me.
  16. Well I guess I'm gonna die alone on the ground.
  17. I'm gonna sing a song or something. Probably My Way, by Frank Sinatra.