(there's also a PART 2)
  1. He has always a rolled cigarette, hanging out his mouth. He's the cowboy kid of my fucking neighborhood. He's the fucking boss, man.
  2. We respect him, he respects us. He's like our king. It's not the king we want, but the one we deserve.
  3. His name is Bobby. He's a nice kid.
  4. He doesn't know what to do with his life, so what he does is spend his time being a cowboy kid.
  5. He's the friend of all the cats of the neighborbood. But just the cats, not his owners, the neighbors, 'cause they are idiots. So he plays with the cats sometimes. (It can be very annoying because the cats can't shut the fuck up. Never.)
  6. And he's the COWBOY KID of maaa neighborhooood.