read the first one first
  1. Oh boy. That cowboy kid. Gonna continue his biography.
  2. Sometimes he gives us poisoned bananas. Because he knows we all like bananas, so when we do something bad to him, this is our punishment, and we accept it (of course).
  3. He's our motherfucking king.
  4. I think I'm obsessed with him. Maybe in love. I don't really know.
  5. Tomorrow it's his birthday, so we are gonna throw a party in the basement of his house. It's gonna be pretty cool.
  6. But the thing about him, it's probably his personality, he's so fucking cool. And with his cigarette, hangin' out his mouth.
  7. He's a COWBOY KID.
  8. And I think that's it. There's nothing else to say about him. He's a cool kid, and that's enough.