When Can Someone Receive a Spoiler When That Someone Is Trying To Give It

interesting story that happened to me. AND IT'S TRUE
  1. You know, I was in the train the other day, going to Memphis, Tenesseeee, reading a book, when a man said to me: “Heey man, the main character in that book of yours... Dies in the end! Ha! Hahahaha!” and started laughing a lot. I thought he was gonna die, man.
  2. So I said to him: “Hey mate, why don't you go fuck yourself? Leave me read this goddamn book! It's the third time I read it, I already know she dies in the end, for God's sake! Gee.”
  3. And suddenly, I realized by the look of his face, that he made up that spoiler just to make this joke or something, and that he wanted to read that book. So I told him: “Oh. You wanted to read that book and you made up this spoiler just to mess with me, right? Well, sorry, that's what I call karma!! Fuck you and your silly jokes!”
  4. He looked sad, like he was gonna cry, and said: “Man, I just wanted to start a conversation with you, to talk about this book, to ask you if you like it or something, and I tought I could start with this joke...”
  5. You know, then I understood him and I felt sorry, so I said: “Look, man, I'm sorry, but, you know, if you go around like this, messing with people... FUCK YOU, YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT.”
  6. the end.