As a father I want my daughter to experience nothing less. And adding as I go through life. Because bad manners make me nuts! :-). And no chivalry is not dead!
  1. Open doors always
  2. Let her go first except when going down stairs you go first. Because when she falls she falls on you and you catch her!
  3. Help her out of her jacket and coat and into it too. When you go to the theater and check the coats and you get them back out yours on first as she waits. Why? So you have both hands available to help her into hers and hold her bag or anything else you may need two hands for.
  4. Let her order always first in a restaurant
  5. Open the car door always and get out of the car when she comes to the car and get out when she leaves the car
  6. When your date or wife or girlfriend goes in a restaurant to the bathroom get up when she leaves and when she returns get up as well until she's seated. Even go around and help her with her chair
  7. Let her talk and listen
  8. When she drops anything - you get it!
  9. Always walk on the outside of the sidewalk
  10. When entering an elevator let her go first. And let her exit first as well
  11. When getting into an Uber walk around and get in on the other side if you both ride. Don't make her slide through.
  12. When you can hold her hand when she exists from a car as your standing outside the car.