If you're like me and you probably are, because I'm pretty much an every woman, you enjoy a good cry in your car a lot. A sad song on the radio. A rough day at work. No reason whatsoever. It's time for a 🚗😭. Here are the best places, in my every woman experience, to cry in your car in Los Angeles.
  1. Mobil on Beverly and Western (Central LA)
    Accessible. Plenty of space. Enough privacy if that's your car crying necessity. Food mart has gummy bear 2 for 1 deals. For pre, post, mid crying. Gas prices always reasonable.
  2. 7-11 on Pico and Lincoln (Santa Monica)
    Good amount of parking but a bit exposed to be honest. Lots of skateboard youths who will look at you but will not interfere with your 🚗😭 because skateboard youths are too busy shredding and disrespecting their mother's wishes. Also 2 for 1 gummy bear deals inside. Ask for Richard. Has a kind face.
  3. Chase Bank on Wilshire and Maple (Beverly Hills)
    A lot of privacy in the parking lot but I'd imagine there are cameras recording the goings ons tho, would be kind of amazing to ask the security people for a tape of your crying after to take notes and get better at crying in your car. Good better best, never let it rest, til your good is better than best. No gummy bear deals inside.
  4. Parking Garage at the Staples Center (Downtown)
    Much of this crying is frustration-related because you are probably stuck in endless traffic leaving here or your favorite sporting squad has been shamed by losing at their sporting. Good acoustics for loud sobs and helpful, warm-hearted parking attendants tho.
  5. Bob's Big Boy (Burbank)
    If you are into crying in your car next to recognized historical landmarks, this is the one for you. They'll deliver hambys and sammys to your car. No need to interrupt your 🚗😭. Oh also waffle fries nom nom. It's very public, but guys, between the breakups and shakeups that normally go down here, you're more the sore thumb if you're not crying.
  6. Hargis and Venice (Culver City)
    Right off of Venice, this street provides for lots of parking! An LA DREAM! Treelined surroundings, great cover for a 🚗😭. Plus during the right time of year, the trees bloom and add to your cries cuz wow the world is so beautiful sometimes. Great access for escape if someone does catch you crying and you want to make a quick exit. "Dr. Sebi" is right around the corner; people and google maps tell me he's an "herbal doctor" so 😏😉😎 you know all good.
  7. Post Office on Vermont And Russell (Los Feliz)
    Any post office is great for a cry, especially if you factor in how it's a true tragedy our postal system is suffering so badly in the modern era and how we're really losing touch with the industries that built this country as though traditions mean nothing to this new generation, but the Los Feliz branch offers dim lighting perfect for tears! Limited parking and people get really honky and fist shaky, but when you turn in tears, they stop, they understand, they were crying here last week. #🚗😭
  8. Ralph's on Sherman Way and Woodman (Van Nuys)
    Oh grrrl. This is a dream for 🚗😭. Expansive parking lot. Lots of dim lighting. Some hidden parking nooks. I guess this could also double as a good place to "disappear a body" but that's a different list. Also, inside, you're back on the 2 for 1 gummy bear deals train choooo choooo. Plus if you're in Van Nuys, something bad has definitely just gone down in your life so this is your safe haven.
  9. The I-10 West (Between Vermont and National)
    Some will say the 405 is the best for 🚗😭. But those people are hacks. The 10-west is the interstate cryway to use. Constant slow-crawl traffic allows for a lot of "woe is me" folding over the wheel sobbing while also staying safe. No one is paying attention to you because they're too busy texting "Denise" about what the plan is for tonight. Also the stretch allows for a good, long, productive cry.
  10. My Apartment Complex Parking Lot (Silver Lake)
    Neighbors are respectful of and used to your 🚗😭 and leave you alone. Good phone reception for emotionally charged texts and whatnots. Free snacks in the glove compartment but only if you are sitting in my car or operate your life the way an every woman like me does.