An ongoing list
  1. Bluetooth toothbrush
    A pretty nifty device if u ask me
  2. Are jellybeans vegetarian?
    ..yes. They are.
  3. Colorful fat children's tv show
    I was referring to these
  4. Pants in German
  5. Shorts in German
  6. Duck penis
    I thought about adding an image here. Decided against it.
  7. Sinbad
    Beloved childhood movie that I just remembered
  8. What time should I go to sleep
    Aka how long can I stay up watching Netflix before I have to go to school in the morning
  9. Why didn't they kiss in starstruck???
    If anyone remembers this iconic Disney channel original movie.. you understand my struggle
  10. Voldemort from a very potter musical
    Because FUCK mE