help me
  1. Shit I pronounced barre wrong to the guy at the desk
    He was cute now he probably thinks I'm an idiot 🙃
  2. Ok there's like 6 people here but it's fine
  3. Hell yeah exercise i do this shit all the time
    *i don't do this shit all the time*
  4. Wtf are pulses?
  5. Pulses can eat my ass
  6. I think I'm gonna throw up
    I need water
  7. I forgot my water bottle in the car
  8. I'm gonna throw up
  9. Why did I eat all those jellybeans before I got here?
  10. I didn't throw up
    Idk how I did it but I saved myself
  11. Excuse me planking is not resting
    I can feel my body deteriorating
  12. We are resting our heads on the bar now
    I'm okay with this
  13. We are lifting our legs up but also squatting?
    I am not okay with this
  14. More pulsing
    I am really not okay with this
  15. This is the longest hour of my life
    Goodbye cruel world
  16. I don't think I'm a person anymore
    I will now assume the position of a noodle
  17. I should do this more often
    But this class can go die for real tho
  18. I bet by next week I'll forget about how much I hated this class and I'll want to take it again
    Maybe I'll just be exited to be active again
  19. I'm lying to myself