The 10 Albums That Made A Lasting Impression On Me As A Teenager

  1. War by U2
    High school was when I was first introduced to them. College: The Joshua Tree.
  2. Purple Rain by Prince
    That guitar on Let's Go Crazy.
  3. Raising Hell by Run DMC
    School bus. And Steven Tyler and the wall having a hole punched through it.
  4. The Yellow and Black Attack by Stryper
    Christian metal never would be the same.
  5. Stay Hungry by Twisted Sister
    Cross Country bus.
  6. Back in Black by AC/DC
    The album of the redneck rock generation.
  7. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    Beat It.
  8. Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi
    Into, and over, the arena.
  9. Miami Vice soundtrack
    The Show.
  10. Sheep in Wolves Clothing by Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart
    The concerts. Creation music festival.