1. Puffball Bear
    Given to me the day after I was born. I named him once I could talk.
  2. Elizabeth Bubbles
    A doll with a bubbles on her dress and bath cap. I'm a descriptive namer.
  3. Sad Lion
    A very blue lion with a frown. Again, I'm excellent with these names.
  4. Jean Bryant
    I used to name my dolls after people I liked. This was my neighbor's name.
  5. Sarah Bear
    Sarah Bear came to an untimely end when she was left on the roof of a car.
  6. Amanda Bear
    The replacement for Sarah Bear.
  7. Clown Bear
    A little white bear with a circus hat. It's a good thing I haven't had children yet. They'd end up being named "Small Human," or something.
  8. Sheila
    I created an American Girl Doll to look like one of my figure skating coaches, Sheila. I was slightly creepy as a child.
  9. Agatha Slouch
    A ragdoll.