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I'm new to the app. This is my third list. Follow me! More fun to come, I promise.
  1. 4 organic lemons
  2. VERY expensive Sheep's cheese
    He was giving free samples
  3. 2 apples
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Avid listener, with discerning taste.
  1. Freakonomics
  2. Stuff You Should Know
  3. Tim Ferriss
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A few of my favourite shops from a failed bookshop owner and forever bookshop lover.
  1. John Sandoe
    Just off Sloane Square and recently expanded. The most well-read staff in the city.
  2. London Review Bookshop
    Great selection and excellent cafe
  3. Daunt Books
    Classic bookshop with a few locations around London. Also regular schedule of author events. The Marylebone shop is perfect for extended browsing.
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