He's a total movie junkie. I think we once saw 3 in one weekend...
  1. The Lion King. Not technically a date, still in the friend zone here. We were 18. My brother (his best friend) was with us.
  2. The American President. Still friends, but moving in the right direction. My mom and grandma were with us. I realize now how little that sounds like "the right direction."
  3. Mr. Holland's Opus. Was this one a real date yet?!? We went with my brother and his then-girlfriend.
  4. Mission Impossible. Definitely our first REAL date. He called and asked me to go with him and we planned it for the next day. There were no members of my family. I did see some kids from the class I was student teaching in, though.
  5. Grosse Pointe Blank. Only 2 people in the theatre for a late night showing ❤️
  6. The Parent Trap (the one with Lindsay Lohan).
  7. Sleepers. With my mom & dad when the three of them came for Parents Weekend at my university.
  8. The Thomas Crown Affair (the one with Pierce Brosnan).
  9. Legally Blonde.
  10. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
  11. High Fidelity. More John Cusack.
  12. Good Will Hunting.
  13. Frequency. More Dennis Quaid.
  14. For Love of the Game. A man in the theatre stood up and cheered at that last out.
  15. Castaway.
  16. Die Another Day.
  17. Trainwreck. Our most recent date.
  18. Up.