I assume you are not going to tell my other nephews about this... 😳
  1. Lucky.
  2. Kind Lucky.
  3. Upper.
  4. Curvy.
  5. Lizard Hunts in your house.
  6. Barnyard Dance.
  7. How big is a beach ball?
  8. Lock up your daughters.
  9. Hands in the air, rock-a-bye your bear...
  10. Long sleeves should NOT be rolled up.
  11. Animals in straight rows in the living room window.
  12. Snuggling while your mama was at school.
  13. Beluga Boy.
  14. Matching outfits with Allie.
  15. Your amazing brain and big heart.
  16. Your hipster glasses.
  17. Your hurling skills.
  18. Your totes awesome aunt! 😘