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Reading the Ramona books to our kids and rediscovering the deep truths therein.
  1. Existential crisis involving Halloween mask
    If my mother doesn't know who I am, do I exist?
  2. Losing a shoe to the neighborhood dog
    Ramona starts the very first Tom's shoe franchise by stapling a shoe together out of paper towels.
  3. Refusing to leave her seat after being told to "sit here for the present."
    Where's her fucking present?
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  1. That can't be safe
  2. Bacon or sausage with that weed? probably bacon
  3. Getting a little queasy from the smell
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Elizabeth is 9. Margaret is 5. They can talk.
  1. "I can't hear you. " "Oh yes you can." "Oh no I can't." (Repeat over and over.)
  2. After watching the first episode of “Fuller House,” Elizabeth asks . . . “What’s the Flintstones?” One step forward, two steps back.
  3. "There are rocks called memory rocks but when I look at them I don't remember anything." - Margaret, age 5.
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  1. February / Oxford, MS
    Oxford Film Festival
  2. March // Austin, TX
  3. April // Durham, NC
    Full Frame Film Festival