Pretext: I have no voice, because of a cold. We were finishing up lunch that we eat in the classroom. I was standing near the trash can. My birthday is coming up. Lastly, everything is said with great excitement.
  1. " Ok boys and girls 5 minutes left to finish lunch." - me in a raspy voice
  2. A girl yells out, "Ms. Stuckey! Is your breath any better?"
  3. She meant throat. Well, that's what I hope.
  4. A boy mishears breath..." Birthday! Whose birthday is it???"
  5. A girl hears birthday, " It's Ms. Stuckey's birthday!!!!"
  6. A boy feels neglected, " But my birthday is Saturday!"
  7. A boy hears Ms. Stuckey's birthday "Ahhhh happy birthday!"
  8. That boy runs and hugs me to a point I almost fall
  9. When the boy turns around he runs into another boy who is throwing away his lunch.
  10. Then barbecue chicken was catapulted from the tray.
  11. It landed on my shirt.
  12. 5 minutes later.....
  13. Boy raises hand, " do we get cupcakes today?"
  14. I guess he didn't hear my raspy voice say it was no one's birthday