GIFs for Teachers at the End of The Year

  1. When I stayed up too late the night before because I'm already on my summer sleep schedule.
  2. When I look at all the stuff I have to pack.
  3. When the principal comes in and we are watching a movie.
  4. When I eat at the end of the year party for the class.
  5. Trying to think of a superlative for that difficult student.
  6. When a parent asks me what they can do for their child who is failing.
  7. When I look at my bank account after end of the year presents and party items.
  8. When a parent gives me an end of the year present.
  9. When I'm asked to keep 20 first graders quiet while the big kids are testing.
  10. When administrators disperse a class to me because that teacher is testing for make up tests.
  11. When kids start to stay home because it's the end of the year, so I only have ten kids.
  12. When the kids get on the bus for the last day.
  13. When I go back to my empty classroom.
    No matter how rough the year is I always cry the last day.