My mother always says she never has a favorite, but maybe after reading this list she'll change her mind. @justjills
  1. Driving.... Ability and navigating. She will forever be my chauffeur.
  2. Grammar.
  3. Retelling a book or movie.
  4. Serving our family. You can always count on Jill to give a helping hand whether it's doing dishes after a family meal or watching a niece or nephew.
  5. Making babies smile for pictures.
  6. Quoting lines from movies/TV shows.
  7. Hugs. I'm a selfish hugger. I always like to be on top, so I can basically lay on the other person.
  8. Helping our parents understand technology.
  9. Having fabulous hair. How are we related? She has perfect ringlets all over her head. My hair is so thin and straight I see a wig in my future.
  10. Using the list app. I mean BJ Novak himself commented on her list. She's practically a celebrity.
  11. Word games.
  12. Making people laugh. She just needs to be extra careful around our other sister, because she'll laugh so hard she'll pee.
  13. Confidence. I just heard her say she was basically a professional candy maker..... She is not.
  14. Singing loudly... Singing in general is a different story.
  15. Being a good role model for her little sister