1. For Large Marge alone, PWH is my hero
  2. For being unapologetically campy, PWH is my hero
  3. The dude hasn't aged a day, so PWH is my hero
  4. For making my nerdy love of inventing shit seem cool, PWH is my hero
  5. Even a weird looking dude in a suit is still a dude in a suit, bonus points
  6. The promise that a shave that close is humanly possible means there is hope for my bikini line yet! So PWH is our hero, world!
  7. Let me let you let me go: PWH is my hero (pls note that rhymed, I want cred)
  8. If Dot from 1 was the Alien from 3: mind = blown. PWH is my hero.
  9. For hating snakes as nature intended, PWH is my hero.
  10. For having a scream even higher pitched than me, PWH is my hero.
  11. Large Marge again, because it's literally my go for scaring the shit outta my sister even now 😂😂