HOW DOSOMETHING.ORG CELEBRATES ANOTHER MILLION MEMBERS officially reached 5,000,000 members on February 4, 2016. The organization, one of the largest globally for young people and social change, mobilizes their members from 130 countries to tackle volunteer campaigns that impact a variety of causes. Their promise: Any cause, anytime, anywhere. Here's how they celebrate. 🍾
  1. They ring the gong.
    The gong is a tradition. Anytime an employee achieves a superior success or disastrous failure, the gong is rung. Immediately, the entire staff runs to the center of the office (known as "the Pit") and listens to the proud employee boast. This is the organizations way of sharing best practices while celebrating learnings, be they from a positive or negative outcome.
  2. They bring in bantam bagels.
  3. They conjure mimosas before anyone has even begun their work.
    But they water them down to make sure everyone can make it through the rest of the day.
  4. They get back to work.
  5. And begin working for 1 million more.