Of course a hit today could have its finale tomorrow.. But that wouldn't stop me from watching it over and over.. Reruns after reruns .. Laughing at the same jokes and crying over the same heartbreaking scenes! Here's a list of some of my favourite TV shows over the years!
  1. Masterchef Australia
    I gotta admit, i experience the thrill that every gorgeous dish presented gives and the heartbreak any fail does! And the judges, damn they make me wanna cook something fantabulous! 🤗
  2. House
    I can never have enough of those blue eyes sprouting sarcasm and life lessons occasionally gifting us bouts of paranoia on the kinda diseases out there. N in case you missed, a lotta guest actors from this show went on to feature in lead roles! Damn, i just realised i miss Dr. Gregory House. 😫
  3. Modern Family
    This show always has me in splits... Phil Dunphy with his 'Phil's-osophies', Gloria being Gloria and the kids with the perfect comeback to every situation! No matter how awful your day has been, you can always count on this show to make you laugh! 😆
  4. Mad Men
    Don Draper! Need i say anymore 😉
  5. Game of Thrones
    Duh! For obvious reasons of course! From the chilling 'Red Wedding' to 'Home', every episode leaves us at the edge of our seats. Im hoping that this show continues to push the limits of our imagination.. with theories, possibilities and more. 😱
  6. Tempted to add more but that was 5! The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Arrested Development just missed making it... More of my kinda lists to come.