Don't Spin in Office Chairs:

  1. Three years ago, I did something dumb
  2. I spun in an office chair for wayyyy too long
  3. At the time, it felt like I was being repeatedly hit in the head with an avocado
  4. It was at school during lunch (7th grade), so I had to sit through 2 more hours of class on the verge of tears
  5. The pain and dizziness got better
  6. But it still bothered me for a week
  7. And then another week
  8. And then another week
  9. And so on...
  10. Eventually I felt better, to the point where I thought it was gone
  11. But I still could not walk in a circle without falling over or do anything too intense like roller coasters and whatnot
  12. I still can't walk in a circle or go on mild, Disney rides
  13. Fast forward a year later from that incident
    The end of 8th grade
  14. I went on an 10+ hour plane ride plus countless train and transit rides for 2 weeks while traveling
    There and back
  15. While in another country, and when I returned home, the dizziness and headaches and horrible feeling came back
  16. It bothered me continuously on and off for the next year
  17. At the time, I didn't realize that this feeling was connected to the chair spinning or the plane ride
  18. So I went on another 10+ hour plane ride the following year!
    The end of 9th grade
  19. When I returned from this trip, it was exponentially worse
    About 6-7 months ago
  20. I've had ringing in my ears for quite a while, but it never bothered me until now
    Tinnitus sucks
  21. In the middle of the night sometimes I just want to pull a "Van Gogh" and chop off my ears
  22. But I know that it won't help and that it will be painful
  23. So I never follow through
  24. I went to the doctor recently
    10th grade
  25. She said I was fine
    "Don't stand up too fast" "drink more water"
  26. So, as any other not fine person would do, I went to the internet to seek out some answers
    Ah, WebMD...
  27. I knew I didn't have anything too serious
  28. Eventually I found what I was looking for: Mal de Debarquement Syndrome
    I still need to go to the ENT to know 100%
  29. It explains everything in the words that I couldn't think of
  30. The feeling is like vertigo, but without the visual part
  31. It feels like I'm on a boat, or in a car, or a plane, or on a bike, or even sitting in a rocking chair
    The constant sensation of rolling, falling, swaying, bobbing
  32. But I never thought of explaining it that way and I never knew that it was caused by the chair spinning or the plane rides
    I just described it as dizziness, which is why it was so hard to figure out what was wrong
  33. Walking is a bit difficult
  34. It feels like I'm sinking into the ground with each step
  35. And scrolling on a computer or phone makes it worse
    I usually close my eyes or look away when I scroll
  36. This condition is common in older people who like to go on cruises
    No joke
  37. The feeling goes away in car rides and bike rides and other things of this sort (go figure)
    But it gets worse afterwards
  38. The purpose of this list is to just let out how I feel because its particularly bad right now
  39. This is also sort of a warning, I guess, to please take care of yourselves
  40. Don't do dumb things
  41. Think about how your current actions will affect your future and the future of others
  42. If you are thinking about doing something dumb, stop and ask yourself what the results of that action will be
    Is it worth it? Who/what will it affect?
  43. If you are doing something dumb, stop
  44. If you see something dumb going on, stop it
  45. I know that not every action cannot be rationalized and that people are emotional and impulsive creatures (or maybe it's just me?)
  46. But I feel like a lot of bad situations are just accidents and if more people thought about the effects of their actions this world would be a slightly better place
  47. Stay safe. ✌️️